The Shahid Law aviation, shipping and road transportation practices combine the Firm’s long-standing expertise in Egyptian law related to aviation, shipping and road transportation with an in-depth and practical understanding of the different transportation sectors; in addition to solid insurance and dispute resolution experience.

Shahid Law Firm’s range of expertise includes:

  • Advising on matters related to aircraft lease, sale, purchase, and insurance;
  • Providing crisis management support in relation to aircraft accidents;
  • Advising on, and representing clients in, contentious cases, by way of litigation or arbitration;
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements;
  • Providing day-to-day corporate and corporate secretarial support;
  • Counseling on shipping, handling and logistics matters;
  • Advising on the construction of roads, ports, airports and ancillary buildings under various schemes (BOT, BOOT, etc.); and
  • Advising on general maritime law matters.

Shahid Law Firm’s involvement in the aviation industry includes:

  • Advising an Egyptian aviation company on all regulatory matters in relation to its lease of Airbus aircrafts from a foreign-based lessor, as well as issued the required legal opinion under the lease agreement;
  • Acting for a US-based lender in its multi-million-dollar financing of the purchase of Airbus aircrafts from Egypt Air;
  • Advising one of the major players in the aviation industry on the acquisition of a number of aircrafts from a Russian provider. The work currently being rendered to the client includes drafting and reviewing lease, service and maintenance, and joint venture agreements; as well as advising on finance-related matters with respect to the leasing of aircrafts;
  • Representing clients in discussions with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority on matters relating to aircraft leasing and licensing requirements;
  • Acting for an international aviation company in the context of its acquisition of shares in a domestic airline;
  • Representing an Egyptian business group in the full acquisition of shares in Midwest Airlines Egypt. Shahid Law further advised the purchaser on matters relating to debt restructuring and reorganization of the target company;
  • Registering the International Air Transport Association, as well as assisting it in a number of legal matters concerning operations in Egypt including the handling of lawsuits, and advising on dealings with third parties;
  • Providing corporate secretarial services to the Boeing International Corporation’s representative office in Egypt; and
  • Advising a US aviation company on compliance matters in the context of its dealings with the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.

The firm is also provided assistance to clients in matters with themes of contention and crises. Examples include:

  • Providing China Shipping Egypt with ongoing advice relating to its day-to-day activities in Egypt;
  • Representing a major Chinese shipping company in its dealings with local agents;
  • Representing BAMAC, a Bavarian Auto Group (BAG) in an arbitration concerning an auto distribution agreement;
  • Acting as lead counsel for Claimant in the matter between Middle East Cement Shipping and Handling v. Arab Republic of Egypt (ICSID Case No. ARB/99/6);
  • Acting as counsel for Respondent in the matter between the Consortium of International Dredging Companies (Claimant) v. the Egyptian Red Sea Ports Authority (Respondent);
  • Counseling an aviation company in relation to a multi-million-dollar insurance claim to which it is entitled following an accident in an African state;
  • Successfully representing the heirs of a victim of a Swissair aircraft accident (Swissair Flight 111), securing compensation by way of out-of-court settlement (Civil Action No. 99-5744, 99-6089); and
  • Advising XL London Market Ltd, a subsidiary of XL Catalin (formerly XL Group plc) on the legal intricacies of claims arising under a number of retrocessional policy subscribed to by the London Market, in relation to the Flash Airlines aircraft crash (Flash Airlines Flight 604) in the area of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Shahid Law has also counseled and represented different clients in the transportation industry. Examples include:

  • Representing a regional oil and gas service provider company in its dispute with a global shipper and insurance company through a successfully steering negotiations into a favorable final settlement;
  • Advising a leading global provider of road technology solutions in its negotiations of a multi-million-dollar contract with the Egyptian Ministry of Transportation; and also reviewing a Subcontractor Agreement between the same client and an Egyptian subcontractor in the context of the Egyptian government’s introduction of plans to improve road safety and security;
  • Reviewing a contract between the Egyptian National Railways, an Egyptian governmental authority, and the Italian railway security and control company ECM S.p.A. in relation to the supply of local and imported components for the protection and operation of a full automatic protection system; and
  • Advising the Cairo Transport Authority (CTA)  along with Strategy& (formerly Booz and Co.)  in relation to the restructuring process of the CTA, and the tendering of several routes to the private sector to operate the project.