For the most part of its thirty years of practice, Shahid Law Firm has been assisting clients in the fields of intellectual property (IP), technology and telecommunications.

Our firm provides support and comprehensive legal services to different types of companies across a wide range of industries, and on all aspects of IP, technology and telecommunications including privacy and data protection, licensing and copyrights and trademark protection.

We also represent clients in all types of commercial transactions including licensing, joint ventures, R&D cooperations, technology transfer, and due diligence in M&A matters, as well as in litigation and arbitration.

Shahid Law Firm’s services include:

  • Patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property matters;
  • Consumer protection;
  • Privacy protection;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Libel and defamation;
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements;
  • Litigation and arbitration cases; and
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

Shahid Law’s experience in technology and telecommunications includes:

  • Assisting Volaris group in the due diligence and transaction agreements in the context of the acquisition of a major Canadian software company and its affiliated business in Egypt;
  • Representing Nokia Networks Systems in all its dealings in Egypt including contract drafting and review, labor matters and general corporate and commercial matters;
  • Assisting a global computer manufacturing company with a product recall campaign in Egypt after a number of complaints were filed before the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) as a result of the alleged release of a defective model produced by the company into the market;
  • Advising and representing the winning consortium, headed by leading regional telecom group Etisalat, in the acquisition of the 3rd GSM license in Egypt;
  • Advising Microsoft on the compliance of its Voice over IP (VoIP) Protocol with Egyptian law in the Egyptian law;
  • Representing Yahoo! Egypt Services LLC in their day-to-day business activities; and providing advice on a number of issues including the regulation of VoIP services, employment matters, advertising guidelines, and corporate matters under Egyptian law;
  • Assisting China Communication Services with the incorporation of their legal subsidiary in Egypt, and providing advice on day-to-day matters;
  • Providing Huawei with extensive legal briefs on compliance with Egyptian telecommunications legislation;
    Co-counseling China Telecommunications on Egyptian legislation with respect to telecommunications activities in Egypt;
  • Drafting a wireless communications tower sharing agreement between Vodafone and ALKAN;
  • Advising Roche on the use of VoIP technologies in their communications within Egypt;
  • Advising an leading Gulf bank on data centers and privacy-related matters;
  • Advising a global technology company on certain aspects of Egyptian sanctions legislation;
  • Advising Google on the legal framework of the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Egypt, included company setup, licensing, dealings with government authorities, and accounting and tax matters;
  • Representing a Cairo-based technology company owning the website in a capital increase and quota purchase transaction and in landing a US$ 2.7 million Series A round with a leading Middle East investment group;
  • Acting as counsel on Egyptian law aspects in the Algerian Fund’s acquisition of a 51% stake in Algerian Djezzy from Global Telecom Holding, a subsidiary of the VimpelCom group, for a price of US$ 2.6 billion;
  • Advising Vodafone on aspects of Egyptian securities law in the context of disposal of one of its US group to Verizon Communications; and
  • Representing a Qatari private equity company in its attempted acquisition of the online brokerage business Arabeya Online Brokerage Company.

Shahid Law Firm’s involvement in the fields of IP involves:

  • Advising Coca-Cola on the protection of its trademark from infringement and unlawful use by former bottlers; and also representing it in the related court case;
  • Advising a leading global provider of road technology solutions on general IP matters and the transfer of technology in the context of negotiations on multi-million-dollar agreements with the Egyptian Ministry of Transportation;
  • Advising Servier/Biofarma on the legal actions to be followed upon the discovery of the existence counterfeit products in the market, and also on the steps that can be followed to enhance the fight against counterfeit products;
  • Advising Facebook on all matters relating to the regulation of online activities in Egypt, including defamation complaints and infringement of IP rights;
  • Advising Google on matters of immunity, criminal statutes, jurisdiction in the context of internet, libel, intellectual property, and consumer protection under Egyptian law;
  • Advising Bupa International on the application of Egyptian laws relating to the marketing and sale of international private medical insurance over the Internet; and
  • Finalizing loan agreement and promissory notes for EMC Corporation prior to finalizing a loan agreement on behalf of said client.